Students disrupting a class and not paying attention are the worst nightmare for any teacher. Getting them to listen to you is a massive task because almost all kids hate studying. We too have crossed that age and all of us know how tedious it gets if a teacher does all the talking. To gain the attention of inattentive students, you need to know what they like and arouse their motivational levels to attract them even if the lesson is boring. It is entirely the challenging task of the teacher to make the most boring reading exciting enough for kids to get enthusiastic.

  1.    Make them love you at first

To keep your class in control, you need to make your students love you enough to listen to whatever you say. If they don’t love and respect you, they will never want to listen to anything you have to say. Even as adults we do not like to pay attention to those whom we do not love. So, once you win the trust and get into the list of loved ones of your students they will be eager to listen to all that you have to say or share with them. In fact, they will be themselves looking forward to joining your class.


  1.    Start with a story

Who does not love to listen to a story? A boring class like history can be made attractive if you start the class with an interesting announcement like “Today let us all listen to a story”, instead of reading out from a book or a monotonous lecture. Even the history of human evolution or Egyptian civilisation can be told in the form of a story that every child likes to listen. Once you have got their attention and told them the story, you can list out the facts they need to remember the lesson.


  1.    Involve them in the class

It is essential to involve the students in the class instead of the teacher doing all the talking. When they start giving their inputs or ask questions or participate in the lesson being taught, they will automatically pay attention and gain interest in whatever is happening in the class. You can ask them to read outlines, point out things on the board or chart or start having a question-answer session.


  1.    Keep giving reinforcements

For every correct answer provide the students with verbal reinforcements like “Well done”, “Very good”, “excellent answer” so that they are motivated to try and win compliments. Once a few students have earned praises, the others too would like to participate. Refrain from negative words and instead say “Well tried but you need to try a bit more” for every wrong answer.


  1.    Arouse their interests with audio-visual technique

Using pictures, animations, audio stories, graphical representations can be very interesting for the class instead of a verbal lecture. This will help them to learn better as an audio-visual medium is always very attractive. Relevant movie clips are also welcome in the class. Moreover, you can use clips from films like Dead Poets Society to make them relate to students like them. It may also change their views about teacher and classroom.


  1.    Get them thinking

Giving out information to students can get boring after a while, and they may start thinking about something else very soon. To keep their minds in focus, get them thinking about certain things, giving them small clues so that they try to find out the answer and in the process, their minds are in place.

  1.    Ask them about their experiences

To keep students engaged in the class and not let their minds wander elsewhere let them narrate their experiences in the class and share it with their friends. No matter whether you are teaching a story or a natural phenomenon, ask them to share their likes and dislikes and experiences and relate the lesson to their experiences to make them feel interested.


  1.    Introduce game sessions

After a lesson, you can divide the class into groups and have a quiz or brainstorming game in the classroom and reward them with positive points for correct answers and negative points for misbehaviour to have the class in control while getting their lessons revised. Browse DealVoucherz and buy exciting games on striking discounts.


  1.    Use humour in your lecture

A monotonous lecture in a sombre tone is boring, and nobody will like to listen to it for long. Introduce fun in your story or instructions so that the students enjoy themselves. Take breaks in between the lectures to narrate some funny incident related to the class or give your instructions in humorous ways so that the students do not lose interest and instead they start paying attention to the interesting conversation.


  1.    Use strategies to keep them quiet

Instead of shouting over the entire class, use specific plans to keep them in control. Try to influence them emotionally by telling them that they will have no stories for a week or no positive marking on their report cards if they keep misbehaving. You can also appoint class monitors and get the names of the miscreants written down by them. This way they will be forced to maintain decorum themselves without any initiative on your part.