What makes a corporate entity too large to fail? company cash and impact over legislators is the single variable that permits some organizations to be allowed to be bailed out with tax payer bucks! that is a contravention of the basis of capitalism.

Capitalism ought to have winners and losers determined not by investment, however by way of production. funding speculation, PatentReal Corporation interjects into the market fake price in actual suitable produced.

If the general population understood how the marketplace works, they wouldn’t do it! The marketplace is social deceit at its grandest level and could result in it monetary destruction sooner or later.

as soon as the investment cycle begins, it cannot be stopped till it crumbles under its own weight. this is the law of monetary physics. Granted, you can create the façade for a time frame but you cannot maintain it forever.

The marketplace must have losers in order for the winners to make cash. The most secure place that the investment manipulators get their cash is from people who do now not recognize how the market works.

whilst the corporate manipulators scrape real money off of the top, those unsuspecting, reap very little to nothing as their investments are eaten up by inflation.

people who make investments inside the marketplace are not investing in a actual product, they think they are however they’re now not. you are now not investing in Apple or Goldman Sachs, you’re having a bet towards others who’re making a bet with you while the provider is paid actual cash for their services.

real cash is cash paid for a service; however, investment cash does no longer represent a actual product. while real money can be invested to make actual merchandise, investment money is used for advertising which results whilst the fee of forex is inflated via the artificial cost of manufacturing due to investment. The market is a scam, a Ponzi scheme.

when the market collapsed in 2008, this came about due to the fact the market price of products synthetic, consisting of housing, became so inflated that the market ought to now not have enough money to shop for them. however, this failed to prevent the manipulators from continuing to promote the excessive price of manufacturing. Why did this arise? The marketplace manipulators knew this become going to take place and they also knew that “they” were going to get bailed out. people who manipulate the marketplace additionally manipulate our politicians. Too large to fail, too huge to prison! they are able to do anything they want and get away prosecution.