Veganer i New York

If New York has the honorary title of the “melting pot” of nations, then Los Angeles has long been a place of the concentration of the most creative and far-sighted individuals who create global trends not only in cinematography and art, but also in everyday life. Some of these trends, such as vegan cuisine, are somewhat similar to the long-forgotten habits of healthy eating. If you haven’t had a chance to try organic cuisine, you can compensate for this on your trip to Los Angeles.

This city is famous not only for the number of vegan restaurants, but also for a great variety of dishes presented in the menu. So, who knows – maybe a visit to one of these restaurants will be the first step towards becoming a vegan?

M Café

Kitchen Mouse (Los Angeles, CA)

(photo by Kelly Bone)

If you still don’t know what does the letter “M” mean, then the answer is “macrobiotics”. A diet inspired by Taoism means the use of yin and yang balance through healthy food and lifestyle. Although the “M” menu completely excludes refined sugar, eggs, dairy products, red meat or poultry, we promise you won’t miss anything in their amazing cuisine. Food is seasonal, and minimally processed. The chef, Atsushi Kenjo, claims that it’s both tasty and healthy, and you should believe him! The establishment is located at 1800 N Highland Ave, so you need about 28 minutes to reach it by Fox car rental from Los Angeles Airport LAX.


Café Gratitude

Los Angeles '14 - 015

(photo by Sean Go)

If you live in Los Angeles and limit yourself to food in any way – raw foods, veganism, gluten, or you just watch what you eat, you probably eat there at least once a week. If you have just arrived in Los Angeles and want to try the most delicious version of healthy food, you cannot pass by this place. In order to eat as a raw food gourmet Demi Mur you should order “Kelp Pad Thai Noodles”. If it’s too much for you, then try “Awesome”, which includes eggplant, parmesan and panini. In this establishment you will find all the flavor nuances of healthy food.



Just look at this great restaurant. Erewhon is the first letter for all health food establishments. This market is full of the most beautiful, healthy, and clean products. You can find everything among organic, local products, which are steadily sold in many places, and also healthy ingredients, pre-ordered specially for gourmets. The thing that really distinguishes this place from others is the tonic bar.

Vanilla Babycakes Vegan Cupcake at M Cafe

(photo by Larry)

Ask the guru-bartender for tea, which has properties that prolong life, preserve health and beauty. You can choose a cocktail that rejuvenates your skin. Whatever you choose, sip it with pleasure. You will need time to talk with your neighbor. What they promise cannot be called immortality, but it can be called tonic alchemy.


Crossroads Kitchen

The establishment is suitable for all lovers of sea food, although it’s difficult to imagine its combination with veganism. Tal Ronnen, the former cook of Oprah Winfrey, opened this restaurant several years ago and managed to take a worthy place among numerous competitors.

Lunch at Flore in Silverlake, LA, CA

The pleasant homely atmosphere and the friendly waiters at Crossroads Kitchen dispose to experiments and hearty dishes. We advise you to try oyster artichokes and scallops with glazed morels, which are Ronnen’s specialties. Despite their names, the dishes are 100% vegan. It’s better to drink these masterpieces of culinary art with seasonal cocktails of wild berries, lime and grapefruit.


Sage Oragnic Vegan Bistro

A Healthy Starter

All food in this restaurant is delivered straight from the gardens of American farmers, so its quality is always impeccable. In addition to the usual and familiar dishes, Sage Oragnic Vegan Bistro serves spinach in avocado sauce, Florentine nut sausages, falafel balls and gluten-free coconut curry. We advise you to come there for a brunch on Saturday, when you can sit in the shade of olive trees and drink a cup of organic beer along with the owners.



The new Mecca of Japanese organic and vegan cuisine offers new types of sushi for those who don’t eat fish, and for those who want to try something unusual. What about rolls with pumpkin, burdock root or sweet enokitake mushrooms?

Noodle Salad with Tofu at Pure Luck Restaurant

If you are not ready for such a dish, you can always choose salads, soups and snacks based on cereals. For example, order a quinoa and wash down all these dishes with sake, which is also vegan.


Flore Vegan Cuisine

Stuff I Eat*

This amazing place will appeal to even those who consider themselves an ardent opponent of vegetarianism and veganism. In 2012, Flore Vegan Cuisine won the Los Angeles Best Restaurant Award, and since then it cannot stop its visitors. The best dishes are burritos rancheros, tofu-based salads and other masterpieces of Mexican cuisine. You can have a breakfast there until one o’clock in the afternoon, but it’s better to come there early, so as not to waste your time in lines.


Gracias Madre

Another new restaurant with a Latin American influence has a chance of becoming the best of the best for those who’re searching for a vegan cuisine. In Gracias Madre you can eat simple, organic and high-quality food, provided by Mother Nature, which is so revered by many people of Mexico and other countries of the continent.

Vegan Chicken / Daiya Cheese / Vegenaise  Sandwich Making - 19

Quesadillas and tacos, tortillas and incredible combinations of sauces are like one huge food laboratory from which you don’t want to go too early. When visiting this place, you will feel an incredible surge of energy and strength.