Despite your very best efforts to remain safe by stopping an assault and remaining aware of your surroundings, the worst has happened personal attack alarms for women. You are being attacked. How can you “seem the alarm” and demand help?

Seem continues to be more and more suggested in an effort to safeguard yourself during assaults along with other personal crimes. Seem helps get noticed, startle or disorient the attacker, or provide him the perception he may be caught. Additionally, it shows that you’re assertive, that you’re not a willing to become a victim.

You will find benefits of using seem. Technology-not only inside a threatening situation, prior to the attack happens. Because seem is non-violent, there’s much more of an opportunity which you may utilize it without hesitation. Seem can not be used against you, just like a gun or knife whether it’s obtained from you. It takes little training or skill for doing things.


Most likely because the first caveman walked our planet, he’s been with assist with his voice. There are a handful of benefits of yelling for help. Your voice is definitely along with you. It isn’t like another weapon or tool which you may forget to consider along. And someone yelling for assistance is recognizable. A lady screaming for “help” or even better “fire” is one thing that others will be able to understand. Actually, one study through the Violence Research Unit of Denver General Hospital found which more than 2/3 of ladies who screamed steered clear of being raped.

But there are a handful of issues with counting on your voice to yell for help. The first is that right now of truth, when you wish it, you may panic and freeze. You may be unable to scream.

One other issue is you might be unable to scream for very lengthy.


Some security experts have recommended transporting a whistle and blowing it if you want help. There’s without doubt that the whistle is louder than your voice in most cases. This is exactly why referees rely on them at sporting occasions, therefore the players can listen to it within the crowd yelling. A whistle is fairly cheap too.

You will find issues with utilizing a whistle to signal for help so if you are attacked. First, you have so that you can get the whistle on to your teeth. It will not would you worthwhile whether it’s towards the bottom of the purse when you really need to mess it up.

Here’s the issue with this strategy. If you have a lanyard around your neck as well as your attacker will get ahold from it, now he has got you caught just like a dog on the leash. He might be able to choke you out of trouble. For this reason police officials put on clip-on neck ties, therefore if some clown grabs it, it comes down off.