Our pineal organs have miniaturized scale precious stones which serve especially like the gem radios of days passed by. The frequencies which are gotten through the pineal organ be that as it may, are in reality outside human’s scope of recognition. So in this way, the human personality deciphers these apparent frequencies as hues and sounds. It is trusted that a considerable lot of the messages you get the higher measurement, or source… instinct and so on are hues or potentially have tonal characteristics about them. A person who’s idea designs lean more towards the dreadful or other low recurrence levels, unintentionally adjusts the Pineal Portal to that lower recurrence of light – much like the opening of a camera.

In any case, remember this, when the musings of a similar individual resound on the larger amounts – love, delight, joy – the Pineal Portal will thusly recalibrate to those significantly higher frequencies. The key at that point lies in accomplishing a Mastery over your very own musings and thought designs. Since in doing as such, the Pineal Portal will align through the higher frequencies that adoring contemplations and contemplations will enlist.

This is tied in with acquiring what is known as a Light Language. For instance, one can’t go from an apparatus shed to a five story place of business in one stage. Plans are drawn, an establishment laid, and afterward with each block and cement the correct aim to achieve different stories is figured it out. Nobody addresses that the building will achieve the coveted stature once the undertaking is begun. It is now a done arrangement and genuinely involves ventures before the last objective is come to. Similarly as with this Light Language, interpretation of these light and sound messages will end up simpler as one’s idea designs change from the low vibrations of dread and hate to the higher love, euphoria and joy vibrations turn out to be second nature.

At the point when your Pineal Portal is opened at first, you may get sound-related messages principally. At first, it might appear an amazing mountain to climb, yet, changing over these messages into Light Language, implies that you have to raise the recurrence of sound by forty octaves. You open your third eye without meditation. All vitality is identified with the speed of light, Einstein’s E=mc squared, when two frequencies meet, the higher recurrence will raise the reverberation of the lower.

Tesla was so completely clear in his understandings of vitality, vibration and recurrence. Surrender. Trust in yourself. That is, surrender to your Soul/SELF and permit vast light and unlimited love (the ground-breaking of powers) to go into your Pineal Portal. This vitality will raise the reverberation of your brainwaves, awareness, thought examples and recognitions. Henceforth, by surrendering to your Soul, you will raise your cognizance enough to see the higher octaves of Light Language. Indeed, usually to encounter a download of Light Language once you have completely opened and initiated your Pineal Portal.